Stress Test

Nowadays coronary artery disease constitutes the primary cause of death in the developed world including our country. Despite the fact that many modern imaging technics have been developed for its early detection, treadmill’s stress test remains one of the most valuable diagnostic tools in the hands of an experienced cardiologist.

The principle of the method lies in the fact that the increased requirements of the heart in oxygen during exercise can reveal the existence of coronary artery disease which in a standard ECG would go unnoticed.

More specifically the patient’s ECG and blood pressure are under constant observation while  he is exercising on the treadmill following a specific protocol. The stress test is valuable only if the examined individual has at least moderate possibility of having CAD. The use of the method as a check-up in the general population might lead to many falsely positive results which will force the patient to be further examined with more expensive and possibly dangerous technics.

Our Cardiology dept.  is equipped with a state of the art stress test performance system MAC -5500 of GE Medical systems and the specialized treadmill T -2100.