In 1902, the Dutch physiologist Wilhelm Einthoven recorded the first ECG signals from humans. Since then, electrocardiography constitutes an indispensable part of the cardiologic check-up. ECG records,from the body surface, the voltage gradients created as myocardial cells sequentially depolarize and repolarize. It is the most commonly used technique to detect and diagnose cardiac disease and to monitor therapies that influence the electrical behavior of the heart.

It is noninvasive, risk free and relatively inexpensive. Since its introduction a large database has been assembled that correlates the ECG waveform to the clinical presentation of the patient, providing insight into the underlying disease.

Our cardiology dept. uses a 12-channel state of the art ECG recorder MAC – 5500 of GE Medical Solutions which is capable of completing the exam in only 10 sec while analyzing the ECG even in the pediatric population. Apart from that, we also use a totally portable ECG Recorder FUKUDA DENSHI which allows us to carry out the exam even in the patient’s residence if needed.